What does DETAN do?

DETAN Mushroom aims to become the world’s leading supplier of mushroom products.
We are committed to serving the global markets and customers;
providing a full-category, one-stop mushroom supply solution.

Exported to the world
for 19+ years
1000+ service companies

Importers/ Wholesalers/ Distributors/ Supermarkets/ Restaurants Chain…
from Over 20 Countries and Regions.

About “ ONE TOUCH ”

DETAN is the first one in the industry to propose a mushroom standard, which is ONE TOUCH “only one touch from picking to packaging”and includes rapid pre-cooling, clean packaging, high-composite unidirectional breathable film and a completed cold chain, etc.

DETAN ONE-TOUCH standard adheres to the origin production and origin packaging, Eliminate secondary pollution, refuse repeated sorting and contact, and the mushrooms are cleaner and fresher;

DETAN ONE-TOUCH standard effectively prolongs the shelf life of mushrooms, Significantly reduce losses, greatly improve profits and customer satisfaction.

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